Known user of Kalaripayattu StyleEdit

Cyril Rahman

Ethan Stanley

Shō Kanō

List of TechniquesEdit

Mantra Tantrum: a technique that makes a certain sound to instill fear into an opponent and distract him long enough to take him out.

Marmachada dance: a technique of rapid single finger strikes aiming for a person's pressure points. Judging from how Sehrul uses it, he may be able to hit multiple points in a matter of moments.

Marharshiva Kick: An extremely powerful and straight high kick towards the opponent's head.

Boar Stance: A basic stance in Kalaripayattu that involves the user to charge straight at the opponent their shoulder much like a wild boar charging.

Snake Stance: A basic kalaripayattu stance that involves the user doing a fast straight double knife strike at the opponent.

Killer Samudamushika: Ethan grabs his opponents arm and presses the marma point in thier arm, rendering that limb completely useless.

Kyuu Geki Issatsu: Like Kenichi's Strongest Combos, Kyuu Geki Issatsu (Nine Strikes One Kill) can vary in all attacks and sequences, but uses one attack for each of the 10 different martial art styles including Kalaripayattu. The key to this move is such that the nine strikes can vary in order while the last move is always the Ichiei's.

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