Kamioka is a divisional member of the Shinpaku Alliance and one of the four mainstream minor members shown in the series in Class 2-B


He has an aggressive personality and greatly respects Nijima like the other minor members of Shinpaku. In addition, Kamioka is shown to have great skill in hacking computers.

Plot OverviewEdit

When the Alliance was first formed, he was notable for attempting to attack Hermit after the 6th Fist confronted the newly-formed entourage, only to be tossed away, forcing Nijima to improvise by sending the other members away so he could "deal" with Hermit himself. This was a ploy, however, since Nijima's plan all along was to rescue the downed Kamioka. Gratified (almost to the point of idolizing his savior), Kamioka returned to favor by refusing the divulge the location of the Alliance's commanders to Berserker when the latter raided the Shinpaku base.

He was later trained in information gathering and hacking by Nijima, and appears to be rather competent about it, having helped at intercepting and hacking the video feeds on Despair island under Nijima's orders when the Shinpaku Alliance finally made their presence known to Diego Carlo and his guests. He also appears to have some skill at fortune-telling using cards, as seen when he tried to predict the future using such implements with Matsui as his sole audience. Apparently, from Matsui's reaction, Kamioka predicted something bad was about to happen. And indeed, that was the night when Shō Kanō attempted to abduct Miu Fūrinji, crippling three of the Alliance main fighters (Thor, Freya, and Takeda) in the process.

Chapter 54, attacking Hermit