There has been 9 Style of Karate in the History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi.

List of Technique'sEdit

Iron Defence-Style


Kogo-Ryu Style


  • Shuto no Kamae: This is Hajime's signature battle stance. From this stand he mostly uses Kumade (Bear Hand) and Shotei (bottom Palm) strikes.
  • Kumade (Bear Hand): Though an unnamed attack this is one of Hajime's most used attack. He used it on the mobsters to save Shio's sister (though it was not needed, according to Shio) and against Shio and Hongo later. Hajime uses this technique by widening his palm and creating a claw like motion against his opponents. This technique is later used by Hongo as he took it in his own style.
  • Shotei: A strike with the bottom of the palm
  • Hishouen Piotoshi: This technique requires the user to jump in the air and in mid-air, jump back down using both elbows to hit the opponent.


  • Unnamed Kicking Technique:A technique of Hongo's that Hajime managed to copy after having observed it during one of Hongo's matches with Sakaki.

Karate Sport

  • Daimonji Kick - is a special attack of Daimonji. Daimonji Kick is his special kick.

Spear Hand with Tame

  • Fifth Impact Punch

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