This is the first battle of Kenichi, also his first confrontation with Daimonji.


Kenichi is a boy who abuse, so you join the club of Karate school to become stronger. However, far from help, also abuse him there. So that one of the members called Daimonji, tells him the hell out of there, but Kenichi refuses. Then agree on a bet, fight in a week, and whoever wins will leave the Club. Kenichi with his new friend, Miu Furinji, begins training for his fight, but she just teaches you a technique. When the day of the fight comes, Kenichi is desperate because he can not help him in one technique, but still decides to confront Daimonji. Both are in the Club, both ready to fight.


Daimonji launches the first attack, so only enough to protect Kenichi; however sends him out of the ring. Kenichi reenters the ring, but has the arm numb from the blow. Daimonji gets on guard while Kenichi Miu reminds councils. Daimonji goes on the attack, but Kenichi dodges using the technique Miu taught him. When placed beside her, Kenichi throws a blow to the ribs Daimonji. But Daimonji feels no harm, and throws a kick to Kenichi, knocking him down again.

Daimonji boasts of his power, Kenichi still gets back up and continue. Daimonji Kenichi dodges attacks but Kouho and Taiho. Lanza single strokes that do not cause damage to Daimonji. After a while, says angry Daimonji Kenichi to fight as it should be, but Kenichi knowing that if he hits will be seriously injured, still dodging. Thus, in a given when elusive moment gets to trip, knocking Daimonji. Kenichi then understand the meaning of the art to which Miu meant. Completely furious Daimonji gets up and attacks him, but Kenichi dodges and uses his weight to bring him down and knock out Daimonji.


Daimonji is awakened, and tries to justify their defeat. However Tsukuba tells him to go for the bet he made with Kenichi. Daimonji starts begging not to go, but admits he does not use Kenichi karate moves, so that disqualifies him, saying he has lost. Kenichi leaves the Club.

Then he meets Niijima, who tells him that although he admitted his defeat, he considered the winner; starting to call him by his name. The fight also caught the attention of the referee who was in the fight, Tsukuba, who wants to face Kenichi.

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