This is the fight that took place between Kenichi Shirahama and Tsukuba during Ragnarok saga.


Because Daimonji defeat by Kenichi, Tsukuba begins to show an interest in Kenichi face, even during classespacientemente expected when school is out to challenge the one who defeated a member of the Club Karate. Meanwhile, Kenichi tries to avoid by all means contact with Tsukuba, lest he seek vengeance for Daidouji; Kenichi manages to avoid and even throughout the day, at the start, your escape plan is frustrated that Tsukuba was waiting in the locker room of the school, demanding a fight. Tsukuba coward calls While Kenichi Miu Kenichi patiently waits to return home together, Kenichi is threatened by Tsukuba in the back of the school; and though Kenichi refuses to fight the team captain Karate School, Tsukuba lográ cause Kenichi to callcobarde, so Kenichi decides to accept the challenge and fight Tsukuba.


As the fight begins, Kenichi is surprised by the speed of Tsukuba, who manages acertrale a blow in the stomach, I logrnado draw blood. Kenichi is amazed by the speed and strength of his opponent, but before he can react, Tsukuba manages to give a roundhouse kick in the stomach, sending him to the ground. Tsukuba waiting for his opponent to continue his fight up, but ends up frustrated and disappointed that Kenichi can not get pain.


Kenichi managesmarcar Tsukuba see that Kenichi does not rise, it starts to kick him on the ground, cursing the weakness of Kenichi, but when it is about to leave, he sees Kenichi strongly grabs the leg. Due to frustration with the perseverance of Kenichi, Tsukuba still kicking Kenichi until you release it, but is surprised to see that kenichi left a mark where I catch, then proceeds to leave the place, leaving Kenichi lying on the floor. By late afternoon, Miu reaches Ryouzanpaku and sees that Kenichi is being dressed by their teachers, seeing that Kenichi is wounded, asks him what happened, but as Kenichi did not want to tell you about the humiliating defeat he had with Tsukuba, decides to lie saying that crashed with stairs and proceeds to retire. Miu Sakaki explains that there are times when men do not want to show their sensitive side against women, in this case, Kenichi Miu did not want to see him humiliated by his humiliating defeat. Feeling powerless over his opponent, Kenichi is determined to become stronger, and seeing the determination of Kenichi, decides Akisame dojo teachers will teach Kenichi techniques so you can defend against future opponents.

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