Koppou aka Koppo is a method of fighting that specializes in the control and destruction of bone and cartilage. There are several schools of Koppo jutsu , the best known today are gikan ryu , the Hokki ryu and Koto ryu. According to Kōetsuji, the style Tsuji uses is possibly over a thousand years old and is one of the oldest Japanese styles of Kenpou and revolved around the kanji 昒, which means talent or skill to understand a clever technique in little time in contemporary Japanese and "core" in ancient Japanese. For practitioners, the difference between those who knew the "core" and those who didn't was in their understanding. Tsuji's way of Koppou was a little different from how it is used in regular styles.


It should be noted that most of the old school Japanese unarmed combat flying included a Koppo jutsu and existing schools whose title is Koppo jutsu (literally break the bones ) reported only a specialization in the field. However, although it may be likened to a technical brutal and ultra-violent Koppo is not only a method of hitting or breaking bones. Their learning needs to have the talent, the breath subtle feel adequate, rhythm, and finally far from assimilating a basic form. Contrary to popular belief, Koppo Jutsu is the art of breaking and / or crush the bones in a frontal way. It would be rather a specific paradigm and a mindset to adopt, in which there is a presence to be felt in the deep bone structure of the human body. Koppo can be expressed as a technique that attack the same core, or Kotsu of the bone structure of the body. This ability Koppo expose the core, the heart of things is not limited to Budo (Martial Arts). Outside this framework, it is also expressed in the music, the Shamisen ( guitar Japanese three-stringed), for example, but also in painting and other arts major. Gikan Ryu Ryu Gyokushin come a time when many other schools used the name Koppo Jutsu. But it has been proven through the literature of that time, before all these, there was Gyokko Ryu Koshi Jutsu. Techniques and weapons can be used together and this particularly effectively. This is a characteristic of Koppo-jutsu or Bujutsu old. The Koppo-jutsu is not limited to fist strikes, it also contains 18 areas of Martial Arts and Ninja's 36 areas. Deep understanding of Koppo is both very difficult but very important.


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