Kugatachi Style is a weapon style of fighting


  • Jigoku Makura (Hell's Pillow): A technique with its basis being a pole or staff can become many diffrent sorts of weapon. When Danki uses it the pole seems to twist and go everywhere as if it is many diffrent types of weapons attacking.
  • Kugatachi Ryuu Gokui, First Technique: Rei Mei (Kugatachi-Style First Ultimate Technique: Thunder Clap): Holding the staff over head then releasing it down to the opponent's head
  • Kugatachi Ryuu Gokui, Second Technique: O Ken (Kugatachi-Style Second Ultimate Technique: No Sight): Violently spins the staff around to strike everything within the staff's reach.
  • Kugatachi Ryuu Gokui, Third Techinque: Yamizuki: This attack appears to first start with feint, making the opponent leave themselves open to a powerful blow to the stomach.
  • Kugatachi Ryuu Gokui, Fourth Technique: Toufu: Firsts pole vaults into the air, and then comes down crashing staff into the opponent with the full weight of the body.
  • Kugatachi Ryuu Gokui, Final Move: Sen Un (Kugatachi-Style Ultimate Technique, Final Move: Shining Cloud): Begins this technique with a frontflip, with the staff bent backwards, then releasing staff and lets it swing from behind while using the momentum from the flip to slam staff into the opponent's shoulder.
  • Kugatachi Ryuu: Setsuna (Kugatachi-Style Setsuna): A defensive technique. Blocks an attack from a weapon with the pieces staves, then qiuckly connects the pieces together in a way that easily disarms the opponent, leaving them open to an attack.

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