Menang is a Tidat warrior serving under Jenazad and is Hartini's father.


Menang, like all other Tidat warriors, is loyal to Jenazad. He seems to have developed a respect for Kenichi Shirahama after seeing how he was fighting Miu and Pengulu alone to bring Miu back to her senses and that he had no chance of winning. He was so amazed by his fighting spirit that he disobeyed Jenazad to throw Kenichi's guards to him to save him from Pengulu. He stated his reason for it was for Tidat's pride and for Kenichi's favor since he was fighting a battle that was not in his favor and how the boy reminded him about what martial arts was truly about, something he had forgotten long ago. His respect and honor is great enough to save Kenichi and Miu (who was unconscious) from his own men and let them escape. He also cares for his daughter very much.


Menang is a dark skinned man of average height with a turf on his head, Tidat clothes and short dark hair.

Plot OverviewEdit

Menang is seen with Hartini in a cell watching Kenichi's fight with Miu and believes the boy to not have a chance against someone who is stronger than him. However, he becomes amazed that despite how outclassed he is, he refuses to give up and even surprises Miu with a few moves. When Jenazad calls out Pengulu Sankan, Menang is against it and tells his daughter of how dangerous and mindless he is. As he sees Kenichi fight Pengulu, he notes how brave and full of spirit he is and just as Pengulu is about to kill him, Menang leaves his cell and throws Kenichi's guards to him and tells Jenazad he did this for the young mans favor and for Tidat's pride. He continues to watch the fight all the while having been amazed by Kenichi's efforts and having been reminded of what martial arts are truely about. He smiles when Miu is brought to her senses and when Pengulu is defeated. He later assists helping Kenichi and Miu to escape while he holds off the opponents with his daughter, but Kenichi refuses to abandon them and are later saved by Saiga. When he believes Saiga to fight Jenazad, Menang tries to attack him only for Saiga to break his arm and give him medicine for Hartini to give him.


Like everyone in his country, he specializes in Pencak Silat. He was able to beat a master opponent in one blow. He was trained to be a spy for Jenazad

Battle LogEdit

  • vs Master opponent (won)
  • with Hartini vs 5 Master opponents (interupted by Saiga)