• Double Pupil Genicide Eyes: Taking advantage of her unique field of vision, Mildred locks on to the positioning of the multiple targets on the battlefield, which allows her to accurately perform attacks from a distance with a dangerous amount of skill and precision.
  • Arrow Field: Mildred continuously shoots dozens of arrows into the air, creating a storm of falling arrows that not only rain down on everyone within the area, but also covers the battlefield with a field of arrows, making it incredibly difficult for everyone to move around the battlefield. 
  • Cross Scaffold: After locking on to her targets, Mildred continously shoots a barrage of arrows at them in order to not only make it difficult for them to move around on the battlefield, but to make it difficult for them get close enough to stop her. 
  • Double Pupil Bow, Writhing Hedgehog: Mildred shoots a volley of arrows at her opponent, piercing them in the process.

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