• Name: Mubyoshi
  • Martial Art Style: Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, Muay Thai, Chinese Kenpo, Jujutsu
  • User: Kenichi Shirahama

It is a swift and strong punch or elbow , using the principles of Karate (moving the punching hand and the non-active hand at the same time as if "connected behind the back through a pulley"), Juijutsu (as if using a sword, by throwing ones body weight into the opponent to cut through a person),Chinese Kenpo (surpassing the limit of the mind with the feeling of sending your hand flying out), and Muay Thai (hit the enemy as if you're punching through him). It literally translates to "no beat," inspired by Seigfried's description of it not existing in the criteria of the opponent able to see its movements or the opponent analyzing its rhythm.

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