• Hybrid Style Chinese Kenpo Master: Mycroft is a master of Chinese Kenpo. Mycroft uses a special palm based style of chinese kenpo that can cause serious damage to the opponent at close distance, as long as he is touching a part of his opponents body, he can flow his power directly into that part, which makes him a dangerous up-close fighter. Unlike most Chinese Kenpo practisioners, Mycroft's style of fighting is a little bit more unique. According to Mycroft, When Hong Kong was still under British rule, his family learned and stole secrets from Chinese Kenpo, and used what they learned to create a more evolved, more brutal british varient of normal chinese kenpo, which would technically make Mycroft's style of chinese kenpo a type of Hybrid Martial Art.
  • Enhanced Strength: As a master-class fighter, Mycroft has proven himself to have a massive amount of strength. During his battle with Michael Schtilvay, He was able to deal a criticial blow to him in one shot, and injure him to a serious degree. Miu stated that his attacks are like Nitroglycerin.
  • Enhanced Speed: He was shown to be fast enough to rescue Kenichi from getting his head cut off by Michael Schtilvay. 

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