Tanimoto is a tall fair-skinned man with violet eyes, spiky yet wavy chin-length blond hair, with a well-defined built and respectably muscular frame. A noticeable trait of Tanimoto is the look his eyes during the situation he is in. While maintaining his kind-demeanor, his eyes are big and calm. When angered or fighting, his eyes narrow with small cat-like pupils. A recurring theme in his appearance is that he is considered quite handsome by nearly all girls near his age.

Tanimoto typically wears a white-grey shirt with a red cross on it, similar to the design of a crusader, at school. As Hermit his outfit is very similar to the outfit of his savior when he was a child, Ogata, which give the hint that he was inspired to make his outfit to look like this from seeing Ogata outfit. Tanimoto wears a dark hood and cloak with arm bands and leather boots, with pentagrams sewn into his leather gloves. Originally, the symbols on his gloves were that of the Roman numeral number six (VI). However, after his defection from Ragnarok, he changes the symbols to a pair of pentagrams.

In the original series, he had very long blonde hair. In fact he resembled a light skinned Takeda if his hair wasn't tied, but still wore his trademark battle coat.

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