Hayami is a member of YOMI, one of Shō Kanō's bodyguards, and a disciple of Akira Hongō, though he is not one of the top ten members.


Hayami is a young man with long curly hair tied in a ponytail. He also wears a Chinese uniform.


Hayami, along with Seta his partner, have a deep respect for Shō Kanō, calling him Shō-sama. He angrily asked both Kenichi and Miu why he died while attacking him. Also, he holds respect for Hongō, such as assisting him find Jenazad and even himself cares for his well-being.

Yami/YOMI SagaEdit

DofD Tournament ArcEdit

Along with his partner Kōya Seta, Hayami is ordered by Shō to stall Kenichi Shirahama after he abducts Miu Fūrinji. Though Kenichi is able to hold his own for a brief period, the medicine of Kensei Ma starting to wear off as well as his injuries from the earlier fight with Kaku Shin Ten leaves him open. Before the duo can continue attacking, Ryūto Asamiya arrives and knocks out Hayami with a Seikūken.

Sakaki and Hongō ArcEdit

Hayami appears with Seta sitting in a black car near the village where Shō was born and raised. When his master whistles, Hayami appears with Seta and starts to attack Miu. As with Seta, Hayami has improved his skills substantially, able to push Miu back using a Karate that focuses primarily on kicks. He is shown attacking Miu fiercely with kicking attacks, displaying anger at her being a part of Shō's death. Shortly after, he is punched by Kenichi, who accidentally punches him off the roof on which he was fighting with Miu, but is caught and righted by his master. Both Hayami and Seta are later shown training with what used to be their master's training materials.

The Tidat Kingdom ArcEdit

After Hongō's fight was interupted by Jenazad, he along with Seta help track down Jenazad and tell Kenichi and his masters of the location to Tidat, Jenazad's kingdom. After arriving to Tidat, they help track Jenazad. Once Hongō kills Jenazad and everything calms down, Hayami and Seta arrive by helicopter and worry over their masters condition and help take him and everyone to Jihan's palace.


Present BattlesEdit

with Seta Vs Kenichi (interrupted by Ryūto)

with Seta Vs Ryūto ( Loss )

with Seta Vs Miu and Kenichi ( Loss )