Number 43 is one of Loki's common underlings in Ragnarok. He has spikey black hair and wears a long sleaved blue shirt. 43 aides Loki and Siegfried, along with Number 25, Number 20, and Number 30, to kidnap and ship out the founder of Shinpaku Alliance, Haruo Niijima in hopes of destroying the organization. When Kenichi Shirahama and Miu Furinji arrive to save Niijima, Siegfried knocks out 25 and 30 to prevent them from interfering, warning Loki and 43 not to do the same. Realizing there is no reason for his gang to remain, Loki orders 43 and 20 to escape. Miu goes after them while Kenichi fights off Sieg. Miu eventually captures him and threatens to harm him if he doesn't disclose where they hid Niijima. 43 tells her he doesn't know, and Miu leaves him be, but not before accidentally knocking him out.

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