Nyakwondo is a fighting style that was created by the former 8th Fist of Ragnarok, now a member and general of the Shinpaku Alliance, Kisara Nanjō. It uses cat instincts and combines it with Tae Kwon Do movements to give her more unpredictability and prowess in fights, this is currently and only Kisara's personal martial arts style. Obviously, the name was made up on the spot right away, as Niijima quickly thought of the name to boast about it during the D & D arc.


  • Jeek Gi (Axe-Kick): A kick that is aimed at the enemies head. If the enemy should duck, Kisara is able to change her pivot in mid air and swing her heel down on her opponent's head like an axe.
  • Fushu: A high angle thrust kick aimed for the head. Given the resemblance to Korui Nuki, it is likely that this technique, or at least Kisara's use of it, represents the force, while the Korui Nuki incorporates analysis of the opponent's open spots.
  • Neko-Kick (Cat Kick): A very powerful side kick aimed at the opponents face.
  • Back Kick: A very basic, but powerful back kick to the opponent using the movements of a cat.
  • Double Tornado Nyagi: Kisara jumps in the air, performs a spin with her knees raised, swings one of her legs downward, then hits the enemies face with the other leg crashing down.
  • Double Chagi: Kisara strikes the opponent with both of her legs crashing down simultanously.
  • Mikeyopuchagi: Is a series of powerful rapid fire kicks to the opponent's body.
  • Vandal Chagiri: Kisara strikes the opponent a powerful roundhouse kick to the face.
  • Pandal Chagi: Is a powerful kick to the side of the body
  • Hammer Kick: Is a powerful kick by holding one of her legs over her head, then releasing downward hitting the top of the head.
  • Double Hammer Kick: is an even more powerful version of the Hammer Kick. First Kisara holds one of her legs over her head and releases it downward to the top of the head, then releases the other leg downward, right on top of the first leg, adding more power to the kick.
  • Chatora Narechagi: sends a powerful kick to the mid-section of the opponent.

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