Octavia is one of the adopted daugthers of Fortuna and a member of the Pankration team during the DofD tournament.


She is shown to be kind and caring, risking her life to pull Kenichi back from falling out of a window.

DofD Tournament ArcEdit

During the tournament, she and her team are first seen fighting in a battle royale against the Brazilian Jiujitsu team; they succeed thanks to Spartacus's strategies. She nearly falls out of a window trying to help Kenichi after he runs headlong through the room upon seeing Spartacus fighting against Miu. Kenichi and Miu listen to the team's story and promise to help them in their escape from Despair Island. Immediately after, the Pankration team meets Sho Kano, who helps them escape on one of Fortuna's boats and takes Spartacus's ponytail to fake their deaths at his hand.