Omake 6 is a bonus feature that was included in volume 6.

Contents Edit

  • 1-page short story: Tsuji is training to defeat Kenichi. Gonzui Kumatori offers to train him, but Tsuji thing Kumatori's strange hair makes him suspicious and runs away. Kumatori is later seen at a food stall where he drunkenly complains that nothing has been going well for him recently. The Wrestling Boss tries to console him.
  • 1-page short story: Shigure, Miu, Chihiro, Kisara and Honoka have entered an obstacle race. It looks like Honoka is going to come last, but Shigure cannot read the kanji on a note, Miu gets stuck in one of the obstacles, because her breasts are too big, and Kisara and Chihiro get into a fight. Honoka wins the race.

Characters Edit

Chapter Notes Edit

  • The first short story is printed in chapter 46 on page 28. The second one follows the last chapter of this volume.

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