Pankration Team

The Pankration Team

The Pankration Team is composed of five members led by Spartacus, whose name is based on the Spartacus who led an army of slaves against the Romans. The original Pankration team was made of many more children that Fortuna adopted, who were pitted against various wild beasts to determine their ability and talent for survival. The five that remain on the team were the last that survived. Their method of fighting is largely based on survival tactics, shown best when they are pitted in a battle royale against the Brazilian Jiujitsu team. Spartacus directed two members to finish one member at a time, effectively robbing the enemy team of its manpower, though Kenichi notes that each member could have easily defeated one on his or her own. Furthermore, Spartacus became frantic when he so much as saw a scratch on a team member's arm, requesting it to be healed and calling for a doctor when the guard refused to heal it on grounds that it was a light injury. The reason for this is due to the Pankration team's past, as they wish to lose nobody on their team and wish to win the tournament in order to win their freedom. The Pankration team plans to escape the island, but are spotted by Kenichi and Miu. Believing that the two have come to stop them from escaping, they fight before Kenichi and Miu realize their purpose and let them escape. The Pankration team later meets Sho Kano, who helps them escape on Fortuna's boat and takes Spartacus's ponytail to fake their deaths at his hand. The members of this team dress like gladiators, but are seen in more casual clothes while escaping from the island.


Name Position
Spartacus Pankration Team Leader
Octavia Pankration Team Member
Unknown Third Member Pankration Team Member
Unknown Fourth Member Pankration Team Member
Unknown Fifth Member Pankration Team Member

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