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Radin Tidat Lona

Lona hs

First appearance
Martial Art
Family Members
Radin Tidat Jihan (Older Brother)
Sham (Maid, views her like a little Sister)
Is the younger sister of Radin Tidat Jihan, successor of her country and throne of Tidat, and currently an ally of Kenichi Shirahama.

Plot OverviewEdit

Miu Rescue ArcEdit

When Kenichi and Sakaki arrive in Tidat, Sham goes to follow them and lead them to their castle. Kenichi recognizes the little girl due to him remembering she served Jihan before. When Batouan fights them, Lona tells them to stop. She introduces herself and offers to work together with them to take down Jenazad and save Miu. Sakaki, rather sceptical, demands she prove herself despite Kenichi stating she doesn't need to. Regardless, she explains Jenazads background and how evil he is. After telling them about Jenazad, Lona bows before the two and swears loyalty and states she won't try to succeed in the thrown of her kingdom. Sakaki agrees, much to her happiness and they set out to find Jenazad and Miu.

After gaining word of where Jenazad is on his homeland, they set out their with the assistance of John, a computer genious, but arrive their too late. She later finds out there's a bounty on her head to silence her by Jenazad. After helping fight off Jenazad's (and her countries) men, and having word of Kenichi kidnapped by Jenazad with Miu, they head out to find them and arrive at Jenazad's base to help. The reunite with Kenichi and all go out to watch Hongo fight Jenazad. As Jenazad's face is shown, he tells Kenichi and Sakaki about how his face hasn't changed since the late Tidat books she once read. She later screams in disbelief when Hongo is killed by Jenazad and mourns his death.

After Hongo regains consciousness and finally defeats and kills Jenazad, Lona is shocked by his death and bows before him over his passing and witnesses the Tidat army arrive. She tells them to stand down, but they ignore her stating she's only a princess and doesn't have the same power her brother has. Just as Batouan tells her to stand down, she asks Jihan to give her strength and walks towards the army while dropping her weapons shouting what good will come of killing fellow countrymen stating now the darkness Jenazad had is gone and Tidat is free of him. General Gaja ignores her and tells them to fire at her, but Sakaki and Hongo save her. Just as the army takes aim at everyone, they are all saved by the arrival of Hayato Furunji and Jihan and stops the army. The sight of her presumed deceased brother makes her very happy and overjoyed and the two reunite with one another and Jihan appologizes for the trouble he's caused her. They go to the palace where Lona is surprised how much her brother has changed into a better person. She thanks Kenichi and the others by bowing before them with her brother. She goes to thank Hongo for defeated Jenazad but he leaves by helicopter and only looks back at her before he leaves and she silently thanks him.

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