Shio Sakaki's older sister. Her full name is not known, only that her surname is Sakaki.


Shio's older sister seems calm even when seeing a gun. She is also described by her brother as "someone who isn't needed to be looked after". By her brother's description she has a rather wild character and he appears to be slightly scared of her.


Sakaki's only appears during the flashback that explains the backstory behind Sakaki's relationship with Hongō. At that time she was an university student. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but it has been stated that she works as an office lady.[1]


She is seen wearing a biker suit with long hair going down to her waist. She appears to be very beautiful, so much so that Akira Hongō and Hajime Suzuki were shocked upon seeing her. A noticeable physical trait is her slender yet surprisingly developed and curvaceous-frame, especially her well-endowed breasts. She also sports a lean yet well-defined build.


  • Shio Sakaki: Is the only person who can stop Shio from sparring with Hongo. She appears to care very deeply for her little brother and would often bring him food for lunch.


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