She is a fairly tall and deceptively youthfull looking middle-aged woman who is considered very attractive. She has a curvaceous figure and sizable bust. She has a fair-skinned with brown eyes with straight brown hair a traits that she passed on to her children. Her bangs have strands hanging between her eyes with the rest being chin-length yet curve outwards to hanging beside her face.

She also has a few stranding hanging over her ears to frame her of her face and shoulder-length ponytail on her back. She is seen wearing pink lipstick, a plain yellow shirt with a purple long sleeve underneath with a short skirt just above her knees with stockings around her legs. She is also usually seen wearing a plain apron for chores. As a young teenager, she was considered very beautiful with a noticeable developed figure for her age. She as she had long brown hair reaching her waist.

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