Unlike her husband who is always acts in a goofy and over-protective manner, Saori is normally calm and collected member of the Shirahama household, only getting worked up when her husband does something that annoys or embarrasses her. Whenever he gets too excited and tries to go to the Ryozanpaku Dojo with one of his shotguns, usually Sebastian, she is forced to subdue him in a comical manner.

However she often praises him whenever he does something fatherly, which is often because she usually breaks into tears after delivering an inspiring speech to Kenichi. But when it comes to her children, she supports them in anything they wish to do, such as when Kenichi wanted to move in to Ryozanpaku She was a little worried, but she knew he had a reason for what he was doing and supported his decision. Saori is also kind and gentle when it comes to parenting, never yelling at her children and making sure they are safe, even telling Honoka to give Kenichi's masters a gift for good luck. When he tried to tell their children about how she gave him love letters when they were younger, she was angry, scratching her nails on the wall and giving a scary look, suggesting she can be quite threatening when she wishes. She even threatened to show their children that he was the one who actually gave her tons of love letters when they were younger. Despite this, she loves her husband very much, as she always calls him "anata".

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