A Sei-type martial artist hides his intention to fight, instead focusing on sensing his/her environment, then releases it quickly in response to danger. According to the manga, it actually means that this type of martial artist fights not with power or anger, but with talent, skills, and wit. There are some Sei fighters who move onto the Asura path. Akira Hongō has mastered the art of Sei to it's highest level. These traits are evident in Kensei, Akisame, Hayato, and Kenichi. This principle requires a state of calmness and a clarity of mind. Ryūto Asamiya also seems to usually be a fighter of the Sei class, but due to an experiment conducted by his master Ogata, he tried to embody the ki of both Sei and Dou styles at the same time, with severe consequences to his body.

Known UsersEdit

Low Class Disciple


Middle Class Disciple

Kyōichi Takame

High Class Disciple

Boris IvanovChikage Kushinada, Kaname KugatachiHibiki KugeninIkki TakedaKenichi ShirahamaAsuka AkatsukiRimi Kokorone (dual ki), Ryūto Asamiya (dual ki), Shō Kanō (†) (dual ki), Hyōgo Itō, Yui Sayama



Low Class Master


Real Master

Izayoi, Kei Retsumin, Tsutomu Tanaka (†)

Grand Master

Akira Hongō, Akisame Kōetsuji, Cyril Rahman,  Isshinsai Ogata (dual ki), Kagerō Kii (†), Kensei Ma, Shigure Kōsaka, Hajime Suzuki (†), Seitarō Raigō, Rin Tachibana, Marmaduke Brown, Edeltraft von Schiller

Advanced Grand Master

Mikumo Kushinada, Saiga Fūrinji,Senzui

Legendary Master

Silkwat Jenazad (†), Ōganosuke Yogi

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