Battle LogEdit

Past BattlesEdit

  • with Natsu Tanimoto vs thugs (won)
  • vs Radin Tidat Jihan (won)

Battles PresentEdit

  • vs several matial artists (won)
  • vs Takeda, Thor, and Freya (won)
  • vs Miu (technically it wasnt a fight as she did not fight him and he snuck behind her and quickly knocked her out before she could do anything)
  • vs Miu round 2 (undecided, was trying to get her on his side)
  • vs Kenichi round 1 (undecided, left when Miu regained her senses, but was winning)
  • vs Mongolian Bufu team (won)
  • vs Kenichi round 2 (loss)
  • vs soldier (won, died from bullet wounds later)

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