Shigure's father was a serious and emotionless man, similar to his daughter. He refused to let Akisame die with him so he cut off his prosthetic arm to save him, showing he was honorable to an extent. He was somewhat strict with Shigure, and seemed to feel that it was unnecessary to give her a name, but he loved his daughter very much, such as protecting her from Sai's rath and not wanting her to see his fight with Akisame. He was also comfortable with Akisame looking after his daughter.

While he was a member of Yami, he didn't seem to be the kind of man who would kill needlessly for power. It's unknown how loyal he was but it's presumed he may have killed people before, suggesting he may have done some bad things in the past. Towards the end, he was more laid back and more focused on making swords as a capable blacksmith.

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