Shinken Nehan Mekkai Mandala is an incrediblely high-leveled technique that has been described as the Elder's last secret.[1] The user puts everything on the line and places their hands in front of themselves, then uses all their power and concentration to attack their opponent with a powerful onslaught of strikes until their opponent is either in submission or is killed. To use's this techingue the user must be at the Level of Legendary Master Class fighter. An almost identical version of this technique is used by Ōganosuke Yogi.

A number of characters are drawn in a circular (mandala) shape around the Elder:
拳 fist,
意 mind,
心 heart,
技 skill,
活 living,
闘 fight,
勇 courage.

References Edit

  1. Wazadepa, December 8, 2015.

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