A powerful Ki-based technique. By condensing their own Ki and allowing it to explode outwards from their body, the user can sever and pierce the connection between the "Meridians" which are pathways within a living beings body that their life force flows along. By piercing this connection the user can temporarily shut down the pressure points on whatever part of the opponent's body that they hit, temporarily stopping the muscles from hardening and disrupting the vital force of the opponent's body, overall making the opponent's body defenseless and fragile enough to be able to kill them in one blow if the technique hits the opponent directly. Even if the technique does not completely connect with the opponent's body, being grazed by this technique will sap the strength in whatever body part it touches, rendering it almost useless. This technique is a powerful, unavoidable technique, but is also a double-edged sword. Because the user must forceably open and close his own "Meridians" in order to use this technique, the user puts a massive amount of strain on their body every time the technique is used, taking severe and sometimes unhealable damage to themselves as a result of using this technique.

  • Condensing Ki
  • Shinogidachi being used
  • Shinogidachi's power in effect
  • The self damage caused by Shinogidachi

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