A technique taught to him to defend himself against armed martial artists, especially those using bladed weapons. As said by his Karate teacher, Sakaki, "when fighting a sword user, you often don't have time to defend and attack," and thus this technique was developed for this reason. In essence, it is a corkscrew blow which dodges a sword swing and punches the opponent simultaneously. As the weapon is swung, Kenichi begins the punch with the palm of his hand of the clenched fist facing upwards. Before his fist hits the weapon, he turns it counter-clockwise (when using his right hand), which allows his thumb to face up and the weapon to pass along the back of his hand without touching him, thus effectively dodging the attack. He then completes the rotation while using his shoulder to extend his reach and punch the opponent. It is important to note that Kenichi is known to use this technique against unarmed opponents as well, for example, he uses it when training with Miu at one point, and again in his Inter-disciplinary Sparring Match with Tanaka Tsutomu (though in this case he still managed to get grazed.

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