As a former senior member of Ragnarok, Shiratori was ranked as a fairly capable fighter, although her skills pale in comparison to the captains of the Shinpaku Alliance. Like Kisara, she specializes in the same style of Taekwondo, and hopes to be like her one day. Despite, the fact she has rarely been shown in battle, she is strong enough to take on armed thugs with her bare hands, as shown when she protected Kisara during a group outing with several of their fellow Shinpaku members. She claims that in terms of raw power, Shiratori's kicks are even stronger than her own. After accepting a challenge from Ukita, she effortlessly destroys the Shinpaku Captain in a display that impresses even Miu. Kisara goes on to explain that the only reason Shiratori did not strive to become one of the Eight Fists in Ragnarok was because she lacked the interest.

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