Berserker is a tall, muscular young man. He is fair-skinned with dark blonde hair spiked up and blue eyes. He is constantly seen in a white sleeveless shirt, blue jeans, white sneaker, and red jacket with its sleeves ripped off. During his days as the Second Fist of Ragnarok, he wore black gloves with golden marks insignias shaped like roman numerals for 2. He is often seen chewing bubble gum.


Berserker has a calm disposition despite all the damage being done to Ragnarok and almost never loses his

Shougo enters Berserker mode

head, despite his seemingly ill-named position. Berserker is almost always seen chewing bubble gum and usually doesn't speak, even when something noteworthy happens. Berserker is said to be the most fearsome fighter in all of Ragnarok, and Loki even believes that he could be a better First Fist than Odin (though Loki may have simply said it in order to plant a seed of betrayal in Berserker). However, Berserker shows no interest in becoming a leader for any gang, and is actually afraid of fighting Odin, believing that the latter is much stronger than he is. Berserker claims to fear boredom more than losing during his match against Hermit.
When in his Berserker mode, he's much more sadistic and brutal, going as far as to assault Hermit with everything he has without holding back and laughing maniacally.

Since having become Ogata's disciple, Berserker's personality is virtually the same, except he seems to take more interest in things around him, and has surprisingly developed a sense of moral fairness during his fights (despite his calm, battle-ready attitude and the aggessive way that he fights). The biggest example of this was in his fight with Kenichi. He stated he came to fight him to test how much stronger he had become since the last time and admited his gladness in fighting him. He even waited for Kenichi to make his seikuken during the beginning of their fight just so he can test out his own seikuken. In battle 500, it was shown that Berserker has been carrying a very small grudge against Haruo Niijima, ever since their encounter during the Ragnarok Saga, and even stated that he "still owed him one" in a very serious way, which freaked Niijima out. Also, he seems to have gotten over his fear of Odin as Berserker saved the former from falling debris before statitng that he now viewed Odin as a worthy opponent that he personally wants to defeat.

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