Sigmaringen is the disciple of Mihai Știrbey.


Sigmaringen appears as a tall fair-skinned teen wearing a dark outfit similar to his master, a long black coat. However, he has straps wrapped around his dark pants. His hair is stylized in a mohawk with the sides being shaven off and the top of his hair brushed down over his forehead. He has dark lips, small eyebrows and round irises.


From what has been presented, Sigmaringen is a brash young man who has a strong belief that weapons are superior than fists, targeting Lugh with a slice of a wooden post he cut off. He apparently has "size issues" as any comment referring to the size of his scythe and himself infuriates him.



Yami/YOMI SagaEdit

The Eternal Sunset ArcEdit

He is first seen training with the rest of Yomi and he starts a fight with the unarmed disciples after almost hitting Lugh with a wooden post until he is stopped by the leader of the unarmed disciples.

He was later seen with the rest of YOMI (minus Kajima) facing the Shinpaku Alliance. After Kenichi, Miu and Niijima escape, he and the other disciples charge the Shinpaku Alliance.

Sigmaringen first starts off by attacking Kisara to which she is able to defend herself thanks to the arm guards made by Shigure. He then attacks Freya and when the latter insults her choice of weapon, Freya protects Ukita against Sigmaringen and lands a blow to the back of his neck.

As Chikage begins her assault on the Shinpaku Alliance, Sigmaringen is impressed by Chikage's complete obedience to her master's orders but Rachel Stanley comments that something is different about her. Chikage heads towards Kisara next and catches her in her blind spot, launching Kisara in the air. Kisara is able to deflect the arrows from Mildred's disciple but takes a direct hit from Sigmaringen's scythe.

Sigmaringen shouts at the unarmed Yomi to lend a hand per their masters' orders but Berserker refuses. He is then attacked by Chikage as the unarmed division ally with the Shinpaku Alliance for the time being.

Once he and the others are at the disadvantage, he and the other armed disciples work together as they fight the Shinpaku and YOMI forces as Sōgaku Chin (crescent moon spade) and Ortal Sin(jamadhar).

Battle LogEdit