At some point in Jenazad's youth, he completed his training in Pencak Silat by killing his master in battle. His master's dying words were congratuations, calling him a perfect warrior that will unlikely ever meet a one stronger than him. He also warned Jenazad that should he ever meet defeat, the reason would not be because of greater might or skills, it will most likely come from a greater tenacity towards martial arts.

About thirty years before the start of the series, Jenazad took part in a war against a Western power, leading a guerilla unit on the front line. Having single-handedly saved his country from near-exinction, he rose to earn the name of Demon Fist God. Despite the fame he obtained, he grew uncomfortable with the steady and peaceful era he had unknowingly created. Seeking to restore his country to its war-torn time, he began to discreetly place conflict amongst his people so as to make use of his skills again. Furthermore, in his goal to grow ever stronger, he began having his subordinates fight and kill each other in the goal of making Silat progress.


Silcardo vs Hayato

At some point in time he fought against Hayato Fūrinji, giving the Invincible Superman a difficult match, but the battle ended before a winner could be decided and the Elder had to leave due to his ship, which was going to leave soon. He seems to be one of the more respected members of Yami as Sehrul Rahman addressed him as "Jenazad-dono", "dono" being an honorific between "san" and "sama" in level of respect.

At some point Silcardo Kidnap a very talented Disciple from the Armed Divison and train him in Pencak Silat. He named him Pengulu Sankan and turn him into a murederous beast who kills on sight.

While in Yami one day, Sho Kano would attempt to learn Silat from Jenazad. Jenazad however, wanted to see if he was worthy and told his disciple Jihan to fight and try to kill Shou. Shou was able to win his fight with Jihan and Jenazad decided to train him.

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