Silvio is a member of the Capoeria Team during the D of D tournament. He goes by the nickname of Shinobi which means Ninja.


Silvio has great love towards his teammate Aisha. However, Aisha only has the eyes for their leader. This makes Silvio very annoyed and does whatever he can to prove to Aisha that he is the better man. Ironically, this love ultimately lead to his defeat.

Plot OverviewEdit

At the tournament, when the Shinpaku Alliance is matched up against the Capoeria, Silvio's crush is immediately exposed to everyone by Haruo Niijima, much to his embarrassment. Silvio carefully observes each of the Shinpaku's members. He believes that each one of them except Kōzō Ukita is strong. Therefore he is suprised that Ukita immediately attacks their Captain, only to get pummelled for it. As Silvio and Eliot begin attacking Siegfried, Niijima keeps pestering Silvio about his vain love for Aisha, which ultimately causes him to snap and chase after Niijima, despite his teammate's warnings. Just as Silvio has Niijima cornered, Ukita rises back up and throws Silvio out of the ring into the water. Afterwards, Kenichi Shirahama expresses his disapointment that Silvio didn't get to fight long enough to really show his techniques and also that he never got Aisha to acknowledge his romantic feelings for her.


Despite his arrogant attitude in combat, Silvio is a capable analyst being able to tell that the majority of the Shinpaku are strong (despite underestimating Ukita). He also seems to be fairly skilled in Capoeria and is able to keep up with Siegfried with Eliot's help. However, Niijima's constant badmouthing combined with Kenichi's comment that Silvio never got to display anything worthwhile implies that he had a more significant amount of skill to show.