Sumo is a style of martial art that the user tries to push the other out of the ring.


  • Thor's Hammer: Thor's Strongest attack where he joins his hands by locking his fingers together to form a make-shift hammer with his fists that he can use to hammer nearby foes in rapid succession, with enough power to knock down a person in one hit. It is inspired by his namesake, the mythical deity Thor, who was known to have a powerful hammer, Mjölnir, as his signature weapon. To add to his namesake, a background image of an enormous, hammer-wielding entity engulfed in lightning shadowed him on his first use of his in combat.
  • Quadruple Tornado: Also known as the leg muscle tornado, Thor raises his leg and stomps down on the opponent with his whole body weight.
  • Upper Arm Toss: Thor grabs the opponent from above their waist, and proceeds to flip and toss them onto the ground.
  • Hurricane Wave Times 4: A much stronger version of Thor's original leg muscle tornado, this technique involves the user raising his leg and then thrusting straight down with his whole body weight. This attack was strong enough to penetrate concrete and smash a gun.
  • Upper Palm Thrust: Thor grabs his opponent and slams them onto the ground with an open palm using his whole body weight to increase the damage to his opponent.
  • Oniharite: Thor slams an open palm to a target within his reach with enough force to crush concrete. After training together with Freya's grandfather, Thor further honed this technique by adding a twisting motion with his wrist, sending the unlucky recipient flying and allowing him to fight armed foes.
  • Sabaori: Basically a throwing move, Thor grabs his opponent's waist and attempts to toss them with all his strength.
  • Hyappon Sudeppou: Thor attacks his opponent's up close with a close-range barrage of open palm strikes.