Syun Matsuena is the author of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. He commonly depicts himself as a short chubby figure with curly hair in his work.

History Edit

  • Born in Tokyo.
  • He won Shogakukan's Manga Retsu Award with his story Kishi to Tabibito
  • Debuted with The Gate to Valhalla
  • 2000: Fight! Ryōzanpaku - History's Strongest Disciple
  • 2002: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
  • 2014: HSDK abruptly ends after it was cancelled.[1]
  • 2014/11: He starts working on Tokiwa Kitareri!!
  • 2017/06: Tokiwa Kitareri!! ends. (120 chapters + 3 Prologues in 13 volumes)
  • 2017: He assisted his disciple Shu Matsuda with his manga Tensō Kidō Alvadring.


  • Kishi to Tabibito (騎士と旅人), date unknown
  • The Gate to Valhalla (バルハラの門), 1996
  • The Shining Swordsmen - Kazamarimu (閃光の剣士 カザマリム), 1997
  • Fight! Ryōzanpaku - History's Strongest Disciple (戦え!梁山泊 史上最強の弟子), 2000-2002
  • Superman Horosho!! (超人ハラショー!!), 2003
  • Technique Traveller (技の旅人, Waza no Tabibito), 2011
  • History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi (史上最強の弟子ケンイチ), 2002-2014
  • Tokiwa Kitareri!! (トキワ来たれり!!), 2014 - 2017


  • The year of his birth is unknown, but he has stated that he was 19 years old when The Gate to Valhalla was published.[2] Which means he is most likely around 41 years old now.
  • He is good friends with Tarō Nogizaka (Team Medical Dragon).
  • The composer Tenmon was his senior in high school.
  • He produces and directs 3D animations of his own works.
  • Shu Matsuda is known as his greatest disciple. Matsuena even produced an animated CM to promote his disciple's debut work.[3] Their art styles are almost exactly the same.[4]
  • He voiced the robot in Waza no Tabibito.


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