Literally "Earth, Heaven, and Nothingness true form", Tenchi Mushin Ryuu is an ancient fighting style that almost went extinct until it was recreated and restored by Kai Midō. Like most ancient styles, the history and creation of this style is not known, but what is known is that Tenchi Mushin Ryuu is a very versatile martial art, as it was able to not only be recreated, but also changed to suit the users' individual fighting style. This was proven when Tsutomu Tanaka mentioned that he developed his entire style to try and counter another martial art, one that is also considered to be an ancient martial art. Tanaka's style appears to revolve around the use of palm strikes and knife hand strikes. 


  • Wooden Neck Cross: The user leaps at his opponent, shooting a knife hand out at one side of the opponent's head to prevent that side from guarding properly and using the other arm to sweep across the neck of the opponent. WIth enough force, it can incapacitate or kill the victim.
  • Kazoe Nukite: Conceived by the Elder and passed down to Midou. Midou in turn passed the move down to Tanaka, making the move part of the Tenchi Mushin Ryu lineage.
  • Tenchi Mushin Ryuu Mogaridachi: The user pushes his opponent endlessly with a barrage of palms strikes and uses a heavy amount of physical force to injure the opponent with every push, making this technique a very effective technique to use for overwelming an opponent without killing them.
  • Eisatsu Shoudouzan: The user strikes the opponent with a powerful clenched palm strike to the shoulder.


  • As Tsutomu Tanaka was the last practioner of the Tenchi Mushin Ryuu style, his death heralded the death of the Tenchi Mushin Ryuu as well, making this the first martial arts style that has died out in the series.

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