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Tsukasa is a character that only appears in the OVA of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi.


Tsukasa is a fairly tall young woman with long brown hair down to her back that she has tied in a ponytail with dreadlocks that frame her face and has a fairly endowed figure. She wears a type of battle armor with red shoulder pads and a dark green top and dark gloves. She wears a very short type of skirt that is tied around her waist and reveals most of her legs and has dark long battle shoes for footwear.

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Tsukasa anime OVA episode 1


Tsukasa is cold, stern, and brutal in battle, going as far as to assault Kenichi without even giving him a moment to defend himself and attacking with everything she has. She seems to enjoy a good fight, as she smiled most of the time in her fight with Miu and believed that she, Kenichi, and Ryozanpaku would fall on that day. She's also arrogant, claiming Kenichi can't defeat her partner Kurando if he can't defeat her. However, she's not entirely arrogant, as she knew that Miu would be a strong opponent due to her being the Elder's granddaughter but still displayed a cocky side.

Plot OverviewEdit

Tsukasa was first seen with Kurando taking out several fighters with Sho Kano witnessing the event for their introduction towards Yomi. The two later follow Miu and Kenichi on their shopping trip and when they arrive at the train cross section, they engage in combat with Tsukasa attacking Kenichi. He switches with Miu to fight her due to his no hitting women policy. She comments on Miu's abilities but believes she'll win and Ryozanpaku will fall with their masters attacking them. Just as Kurando is defeated by Kenichi, Tsukasa falls at Miu's hands and is knocked out. When Kenichi and Miu decide to let the two go, Kurando carries an unconscious Tsukasa away and they leave.


Tsukasa is a fairly strong fighter as she's capable of keeping Miu on the defense for some of their fight.


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