The first volume in Kurakawa's new, money saving double issue format is out.

  • It contains two regular volumes which, of course, makes it twice as thick
  • Regular paperback cover. We no longer get those nice removable dust cover with the bonus illustration
  • They included almost all extras (except the cover backside illustration), but everything except the cover is now in black and white.
  • The paper appears to be a bit thinner; the printing quality is about the same as before.

The publishers clearly tried their best with the budged they had. I'm glad that they decided to continue the series despite its less than stallar sales.

Something else I noticed when I browsed for books on Amazon: The ebook version of this volume is available on most international versions of Amazon. All previous volumes were limited to only Amazon France. It took the change and bought it right away - and was heavily disappointed. The pages are rather small, which makes it hard to read at times. And the image quality is pretty bad. Color pages (and pages that used to be in color originally) are still okay, but all other pages are blurry. At first I thought something was wrong with my ebook reader, but the pages really look as if someone used a horrible blur filter on them. It's not as bad as the mangapanda scanlation, but I certainly expected better, since the printed version is rather nice. Is there some kind of rule that all Shogakukan series' ebooks, even the licensed translations, must look as bad as possible?

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