Wrestling Boss is a former pro-wrestler who works as a bodyguard for the yakuza.



Ragnarök SagaEdit

The Three Man Squad of Valkyrie ArcEdit

The Wrestling Boss first appears in chapter 21. The three thugs who were defeated by Miu are seen interrogating Yūka Izumi and Himeno about Miu's whereabouts when they spot Kenichi Shirahama and Akisame Kōetsuji. The thugs recognize Kenichi and mistakenly believe that Akisame is Miu's father. After Akisame dislocates the joints in the hand of one of the thugs (and then comedically relocates it) the thugs call the Wrestling Boss.

The Wrestling Boss bends a stop sign in a failed attempt to intimidate Akisame, who in turn provokes the boss in to fighting by fixing the sign with just one finger. The Wrestling Boss attacks Akisame who effortlessly defeats him, all the while using him as a training sample for Kenichi, on how to deal with larger opponents. After the thug who got his hand joints dislocated fires a gun at them, Akisame corners the thugs in an alley and easily defeats them (in such a harsh fashion that Kenichi said that he "never thought bodies could bend like that." The Wrestling Boss later appears at a race track where he is knocked out in one punch by Shio Sakaki.

Yomi Introduction ArcEdit

When YOMI is dispatched by Yami to hunt dojos across Japan, the Wrestling Boss mentions that his old training ground was burned and along with others, declares himself allied with Ryōzanpaku.

Battle log Edit


  • He owns many different masks.