He fights using a combat-sumo fighting style and joined Ragnarok in order to make his dream of making the combat-sumo style mainstream. Despite being in Ragnarok, Thor has a high degree of honor, capable of reasoning with foes, and considers upholding the rules of sumo wrestling his top priority. Thor is also perceptive, even while in an imminent rage, having immediately discerned exactly who Kenichi was after their first encounter based on the information that Siegfried passed on to him. Thor believes that the Shinpaku Alliance is composed of true comrades, unlike Ragnarok, during which he believed Siegfried was the only person who was his comrade.

Thor has a strong liking for fellow Sumo Wrestlers. Such as in the D of D Tournament, he cheered for one. He also says things that most Sumo Wrestlers say.

Thor is also afraid of heights, such as when he needed to jump out of a helicopter, he grabbed the side stating he couldn't do it. However, he put his fear behind him for the sake of his friends. Like Kenichi, he is also afraid of riding dangerous rides such as rollercosters, something Kenichi shares with him.

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