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The Organization called Yami is divided into two major Divisions. There is the Unarmed Division which specializes in hand-to-hand combat and there is the Armed Division which specializes in the use of weapons. Most of the members of both divisions are at some level of Master-class, and each division operates in a different way to the other. The most powerful members of each division are separated from the rest of the division members by rank and power, and overall have formed a small fighting unit of their own which is independent from the rest of the divisions. Just two members of the One Shadow Nine Fists and one Hachiou Excutioner Blade member can take over an Army Base and start a war.

Unarmed DivisionEdit

The Unarmed Division is the division of Yami that specifically excels in hand-to-hand combat. Most of the members of this division tend to operate most if not all of their missions singlehandly and solely by themselves, and it has rarely been shown that members of this division actually work together on the same mission or as partners. One such example is in the case of Christopher Eclair and Mycroft, who were partners even before they became members of Yami. The most powerful members of this division operate as a ten man unit, and refer to themselves as the One Shadow Nine Fists.

One Shadow Nine FistsEdit

Name Epithet(s) Rank Symbol Martial Art(s) Status
Saiga Furinji "One Shadow" (Ichiei) Legendary Master Shadow Furinji Style Active
Mikumo Kushinada "The Bewitching Fist" Legendary Master Water Kushinada Style Jujitsu Active
Akira Hongo "God Hand" (Jinetsukenjin) Grand Master Sky Karate Active
Agaard Jum Sai "The Sovereign of FIsts and Emperor of Elbow" (Kentei Chuuou) Grand Master Fire Muay Boran And Muay Thai Active
Sehrul Rahman "The Fist of Brahman" Grand Master Void Kalarippayattu Active
Ogata Isshinsai "The Saint Fist/ Holy Fist" Grand Master Flow

Ancient Martial Arts (Ogata Style), Chinese KenpoJujutsuFurinji Style

Sougetsu Ma "Fierce Fist God" Grand Master Moon Chinese Kenpo

 (specializes in strong-fist styles)

Alexander Gaidar "Fist of Destruction" Grand Master Ice Command SAMBO Imprisoned
Diego Carlo "Smiling Steel Fist/ Angry Iron Fist" Grand Master Steel Lucha Libre Imprisoned
Ro Jisei Unknown Grand Master Moon (former) Chinese Kenpo  (Hikaken and Hakkyokuken) Unknown
Silcardo Jenazad "Demon God Fist" (Kenmashajin) Legendary Master King Supreme Silat Deceased

The One Shadow, Nine Fists are the ten most powerful unarmed combatants of Yami and the leaders of the Hand-to-Hand Division of the organization. Each member is a master of a different Martial Art and each promotes the Satsujinken (The Killing Fist) as their belief of what true Martial Arts are meant for. Each member also has a disciple, whom they have personally trained and who each make up the ten strongest members of Yomi. Each member is assigned an element as their symbol, which their disciples in YOMI use as well. Despite being allies, they do not get along well, with Silcardo saying the only reason they have come together is so that they can avoid fighting each other.

Also to note are the names of the nine Fists with regard to their degree of cooperation with Yami. Masters such as Silcardo Jenazad, Agaard Jum Sai , and Ma Sougetsu have only "Fist" to show in their names while their titles speak of themselves not as "Fists" but as "God" or "Sovereign". In stark contrast are Ogata and Alexander , who are both "Fists" and cooperative with the other members of Yami.

There are currently seven active members: Akira Hongo, Agaard Jum Sai, Cyril Rahman, Isshinsai OgataMikumo Kushinada, Sougetsu Ma, and their leader Saiga Furinji.   Alexander Gaidar and Diego Carlo were defeated and sent to Big Lock and Junazard was killed in his death match with Hongo. Agaard was defeated, but Yami's control of the government at the time saved him and deported him to back Thailand; he has recently made another appearance uninjured and seemingly active.

Yomi (Unarmed Division)Edit

The unarmed division of Yomi mainly consists of disciples that have been chosen by the One Shadow, Nine Fists. The unarmed division of Yomi currently consists of Kajima SatomiBoris IvanovChikage KushinadaEthan StanleyRachel StanleyTirawit Kokin, and Natsu Tanimotowith sub-members HayamiLi RaichiLughShougo Kitsukawa, and Seta. Yomi's former members are Sho Kano (deceased), Chou Enshin (deceased), Radin Tidat JihanRimi Kokorone, and Ryuto Asamiya.

Armed DivisionEdit

The Armed Division of Yami is the division that specializes in armed combat. The armed division consists of multiple martial artists who each specialize in a different weapon; and every member of this division is a master-class fighter who has mastered the use of their weapon. Unlike the Unarmed Division, a lot of the members of this division are more open to working with more than one person on a mission. In fact, a lot of the members of the armed division work as individual teams of more than one person who all specialize in the same field of weaponry. Just like the Unarmed Division, The most powerful members of this division have basically separated themselves as an eight man unit of armed fighters known as the Hachiou Executioner Blade.

Hachiou Executioner BladeEdit

The Hachiō Executioner Blade is a special group in Yami's Armed Division and are considered to be the Armed Division's equivalent to the One Shadow Nine Fists. News of their assembly was apparently so important that the One Shadow sent a member of the Armed Division to infiltrate Big Lock and share the news with Alexander Gaidar and Diego Carlo in hopes of convincing them to come out of their self-imposed imprisionment following their losses to Ryōzanpaku. There are eight members total and they are apparently powerful enough to bring concern to Hayato Fuurinji about the safety of Kenichi and his friends. The leader, Ganosuke Yokiō, is said to be invincible, a legend, and one of the few fighters in the martial arts world who is considered to be on par with the Elder of Ryōzanpaku.

Name Epithet(s) Rank Martial Art(s) Status
Ganosuke Yokiō Second Hades Legendary Master Kenjutsu (Two Sword Style) Alive
Seitarō Raigō The Unmoving Warrior Grand Master Kenjutsu (Kodachi) Alive
Rin Tachibana Hundred Martial Art Grand Master Kosaka Style (swords and spears) Alive
Michael Schtilvay The Martial Arts King who Dances with the Shinigami Grand Master Weapons (Scythe) Alive
Mildred Lawrence The Double-Eyed Martial Archer Grand Master Weapons (Recurve Bow) Alive
Marmaduke Brown The Armored Martial Arts Emperor Grand Master Weapons (Axe & Shield) Alive
Raki Hoshinano The Estatic Martial Arts Princess Grand Master Weapons (Naginata) Alive
Edeltraft Vonschira The Performer of the Armistice Grand Master Swordsmanship (Broadswords) Alive
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