The Yami Bow user and her disciples were some of the members of the Yami's Weapon Division who went to retrieve the Akabanetou. She and her disciples were confronted by Kensei Ma. She was a master of the bow and proved to be a challenge against Kensei, capable of defending in close quarters as well as in long range. However, in the end, she was forced into his "Ma-style Restriction Technique". She is currently in the Big Lock prison.

Skills Edit

Master Kyudoka: The bow user is very skilled and proficient in the use of the Japanese bow and arrows, capable attacking long range and switching to defense at close range in little time. She uses her bow and arrows in unorthodox ways like using her arrows similar to knives and her bow like a staff by twirling it circular motion if her opponent reaches her. Her overall skills allowed her to challenge the likes of Kensei Ma of Ryozanpaku for some time before she was ultimately defeated in the similar manner to her disciples.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: The bow user is shown to be fast, agile, and capable of reacting to Kensei Ma, the Ryozanpaku master renowned for his tremendous speed especially when confronting women, while her disciples barely registered what happened to them before it was too late. She managed to block and defend against a number of Kensei's attempts to touch her using both her bow and arrows alongside swiftly dodging at the last second though was ultimately defeated when the Chinese Kenpo master had gotten serious.